【 Autumn(Short Ver.) 】




【 Autumn(Short Ver.) 】

作詞・作曲・歌:はなp∞ / ミックス:こおろぎ

変わってゆく季節に ゆっくり取り残されて
ざわついた街角で walking alone 遠い目をした

この心 can’t stop fallin’ love with you
突然に i remember your sweet voice
戻れない just the other side of love
1人になんてしないで だから…

oh,i feel so good もっと
kissing in the night ずっと
hold me in your arms まだ never let me go

とめどない情熱は ゆらめく炎になって消えない



The season's changed but I can't keep up with the time
Like a lost child with a crying, a tearful face

On the crowded street, at an unknown place
Walking alone, with a faraway look

Oh, my lonely heart, can't stop fallin' in love with you
It happens suddenly, I remember your sweetvoice

Can't go back again, just the other side of love
Oh, leave me alone at the end of the world
Please baby

Oh, I feel so good again, kissin' in the night 
Keep on holding in your arms
I will never let you go

It's like stormy night, my passion flamed up
Oh, my burnig love has never gone
Let me stay by your side